About Me

Me comboHi, My name is Karon Grieve and this web site is all about me. My big chance to witter on about myself where nobody can stop me, what joy, never get to that at home!

I’m an author with four published books so far; So Easy Herbal, So Easy Christmas, Simply Scottish Cakes & Bakes and A Wee Taste Of Scotland (the latter due for publication in November this year). I also write for various magazines and have contributed to Making, Handmade Living, The People’s Friend, Sweet, Simply Beautiful, Making Cakes & Bakes, Scottish Woman and Mingle magazines.

I pop up regularly on BBC Radio Scotland’s MacAulay & Co show as their resident Homecrafts Expert and talk about making things from scratch (from jams to spreads, pickles to booze!) and getting the most from those homey basics like bicarbonate of soda etc. I was also Herb Crafts expert on Scottish Television’s The Hour programme for well over a year.

I love photography and have done all the photos in my books and in all my articles that have been published. Give me a camera, a pen and paper and food and I’m pretty much in heaven.

I live in Scotland in the Ayrshire countryside with my daughter Imogen and lots of animals, well sheep, chickens and cats anyway.

I write an almost daily blog at my other web site www.larderlove.com where I share my love of making goodies for the larder (modern day fridge and freezer included), home hints and lots of chat from up here on our hill (aka Walton’s Mountain) way out here in the Scottish countryside.

I hope you will like my web site, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Karon x